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RCM2™ 3-Day Introductory Course

April 8th – 10th,  2024

August 6th – 8th, 2024

October 8th – 10th, 2024

RCM3™ 3-Day Introductory Course

February 27th – 29th, 2024

May 7th – 9th, 2024

October 29th – 31st, 2024

Training FAQs

RCM2 (which stands for Reliability Centered Maintenance II) is a step by step process that a team uses to develop inspection plans for a machine.  The plans are created to keep the machine doing what it is supposed to do.  (As defined by SAE JA1011…”RCM is a specific process used to identify the policies which must be implemented to manage the failure modes which could cause the functional failure of any physical asset in a given operating context.”)

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Recommended Participants:
  • Plant Managers
  • Operators
  • Maintenance trades
  • Planners, Schedulers
  • Operations Managers, Supervisors
  • Maintenance Managers, Supervisors
  • Engineering Managers
  • Engineers

We offer both on and off-site training. If you would prefer to have your team trained on site, or if your employees aren’t able to travel to one of our off-site sessions, we would be happy to conduct an on-site training at one of your locations.

You can also host a course at your facility for your employees and invite participants from other companies. We can accommodate up to 20 attendees.

In short, RCM2 is a more evolved form of RCM. The same goes for RCM3. Here is a summary of the evolution of the different types of RCM. Download the RCM2 and RCM3 brochure for additional information.

(Quoted from www.thealadonnetwork.com) “Since the research that was done by the Maintenance Steering Group (MSG) led by Stan Nowlan and Howard Heap in the airline industry in the 1960s and 1970s which led to the subsequent release in 1978 of the report called “Reliability-centered Maintenance (RCM)”, Aladon under leadership of John Moubray pioneered the development and implementation of RCM for the industrial sector. Moubray developed and trademarked the rigorous and robust seven question process called RCM2TM. The seven questions of the RCM2 process follows the logic of the methodology that originated from the work by Nowlan and Heap
and Moubray preserved the intent of their thought process; however, the 1978 report also gave birth to many derivatives and streamlined versions of RCM of which very few were actually close to the original intent of Nowlan and Heap. In 1986 Moubray founded Aladon and created The Aladon Network comprised
of certified professionals with industry experience called Aladon Practitioners. The Aladon Network appliedRCM2 on more assets and in more industries than  any other form of RCM. Aladon and The Aladon Network have trained delegates around the globe in RCM2 and applied RCM2 for more than 30 years in almost all endeavors known to mankind.

Because of the confusion that surrounded multiple versions of RCM, industry felt the need for a standard. The SAE JA 1011 standard (released in 1999) describes the minimum criteria a process must possess to be called RCM. John Moubray’s book, called Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCMII), is a key
reference in the standard.

Aladon continuously review new techniques, technologies and standards to ensure Aladon’s RCM is current and in line with industry needs to continue safe and effective operations of their assets while ensuring regulatory compliance. The 4th-Industrial Revolution requires maintenance to adopt new
techniques and technologies. The 4th Generation Maintenance responds to the needs of Industry and RCM3 fulfills all these requirements. RCM3 is the new standard in physical asset risk management and reliability program development.”

By partnering with The Aladon Network, you can rest assured we will be your best resource for RCM consulting and training:

• Aladon pioneered RCM for industrial application more than 30 years ago (RCM2TM)
• Aladon has applied RCM to every endeavor known to mankind and brings real life experience with world-class training and consulting services
• Aladon places risk and reliability mainstream with Physical Asset Management
• Aladon changes minds and hearts of people responsible for maintenance and reliability
• Aladon trains more people in RCM than any other RCM provider
• Aladon innovates with the latest integrated risk-based methodologies, managing physical assets throughout the entire life-cycle
• Do not rely on luck to avoid catastrophic events
• Aladon empowers operators and maintainers through known practices

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