Strategic Maintenance Reliability is backed by the training and support of our membership with The Aladon Network. 

“At Aladon, we change the way you think about maintenance and actually equip you to improve the way your company manages its maintenance and operations – reduce risks, improve safety and reliability, control costs and boost overall productivity. Our goal is to help you to add value and proactively manage every phase of the asset life-cycle. And, we do so by delivering a portfolio of reliability training and services that is unmatched in the industry…” []

Aladon Network Member organizations are the exclusive providers of reliability solutions which are founded on world class Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM2™ & RCM3™) training & consulting services.

What we're about...

The purpose of Strategic Maintenance Reliability (SMR) is to provide reliability training and consulting platform based on the principles of reliability centered maintenance (RCM2) for North American industry and manufacturing.

To teach the principles of strategic reliability to North American manufacturing & industry to bring about an encompassing interdependent organizational view of how an organization should view its physical assets, human assets, fiscal assets, and departmental interdependencies.

SMR will equip North America’s manufacturing & industrial leadership with the knowledge and tools necessary to secure North America’s manufacturing & industrial future. With this knowledge and these tools, SMR will help to establish North America’s role as a world leader in manufacturing & industry well into the 22nd Century.

About the Owner

Jay Shellogg, owner and founder of Strategic Maintenance Reliability, is an RCM2 Practitioner and Aladon Network member. He is a Civil Engineer, registered in the State of Arkansas.

Jay has spent the last 11 years leading, coaching, & mentoring teams of new reliability leaders who understand the principles of reliability and how those principles are used to develop a strategic plan.  Jay has lead multifaceted team members from staff engineers, supervisors, superintendents, mechanic, electricians, operators, and many other skill sets during this process.  In leading these teams, the focus was not simply to extract information or solve a unique problem, but rather to impart the knowledge and passion to drive each of these individuals to embrace a new paradigm of reliability and become leaders themselves.  Through the use of modern culture change management techniques Jay has been successful at transforming organization that were thought unchangeable.

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