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RCM Consulting

Our Aladon Certified Expert can help with your physical asset management and personnel cultural challenges. We offer expert advice to employees at all levels, from production to senior management. We have decades of experience and are prepared to provide you with unparalleled perception, judgement and vision.

Preventative Maintenance (PM) optimization

Preventative Maintenance (PM) optimization is a buzz word in industry today. Our team will refine and optimize your current Preventive Maintenance program to incorporate industry best practices in the areas of equipment criticality, failure mode and effects methodology, EMP to PM/PdM procedure reconciliation, and safety and craft skill utilization and application.

Installed Spares Management

We help you determine what you have and what you need, plus understand what you should have on-hand versus what to order as needed due to cost, use, geography or other restrictions. All of these things allow you to operate more efficiently and more profitably.

Inventory Management

Often, facilities find that their storeroom inventories levels are too high with to few turns to justify store stocking. Utilizing our unique methods, storeroom inventories can be matched to the maintenance demand and vendor lead times, often resulting in substantial reductions in inventory levels.


SMR - Best in Class

SMR is Best In Class

  • PASSION  – We are passionate about what we do because we KNOW IT WORKS. We thoroughly enjoy helping our clients find and implement solutions to increase productivity and efficiency.
  • EDUCATION & EXPERIENCE – We are backed by decades of experience with Engineers who’ve gone through extensive RCM Training both on the job and with The Aladon Network.
  • SUPPORT – We are a member of RCM’s best training and support system – The Aladon Network. Aladon Network Member organizations are the exclusive providers of reliability solutions which are founded on world class Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM2™) training & consulting services.

You can’t buy reliability – It has to be earned…

Caterpillar was approached by an “RCM” consultant who proposed to provide them with a detailed “RCM” analysis and “PM task” development – all performed through their modeling algorithm.  This appealed to them because the consultant would only spend 10 days on-site to gather data and make the final presentation.  However, after careful consideration, they chose an on-site Aladon RCM facilitation with SRM instead that would take several weeks. Here’s why:

  1. The direct cost of the consulting was similar to the Aladon Facilitated RCM, but the algorithm based “RCM” would only involve operators and maintainers at a very limited scope. By not having to involve operators & maintainers in the RCM analysis makes this process attractive to some organizations, however, without involving the operators & maintainers who know the equipment best, the outcome will result in an analysis and PM task development with questionable technical validity and absolutely no ownership by the rank in file employees who would be asked to execute the PM Tasks.  The client correctly valued the inclusion of the operators & maintainers in the Aladon facilitated RCM throughout the RCM process.
  2. By not involving the operators & maintainers, the “RCM” consultant correctly asserted that the operation would be less impacted by interruptions and costs associated with replacing employees needed for the Aladon Facilitated RCM. The client realized that the opportunity for learning about the functions, functional failures, and failure modes of their equipment would be lost to the facility without the involvement of their operators & maintainers.  The client went on to say that the only group to gain any of this learning would be the “RCM” consultant if they could even gain it at all.  In an Aladon facilitated RCM, the operators & maintainers learn a surprising almost frightening amount about their equipment and what each other’s roles & responsibilities must be to keep their equipment functioning the way they want it too.
  3. The client has a proven track record with Aladon facilitated RCM.  On one analysis, the organization realized an 85% reduction in unscheduled downtime after only 6 months of implementation.

In the end, the client chose to stick with the proven track record of Aladon Facilitated RCM and not try to buy reliability with a silver bullet.


Recommended Participants

  • Plant Managers
  • Operators
  • Maintenance trades
  • Planners, Schedulers
  • Operations Managers, Supervisors
  • Maintenance Managers, Supervisors
  • Engineering Managers
  • Engineers

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