When to start a Reliability Centered Maintenance program?

I am often asked, “what do I need to have in place before I start a Reliability Centered Maintenance program?” I always respond the same, “just a small desire to improve.”
Most folks think they need to have all the basics in place before they go down the path of RCM, but the truth is the basics will come about as a result of RCM. Many organizations put RCM at the top or last step in the reliability journey, but this over looks the greatest benefit of RCM. That benefit of being able to tie an entire organization together with one purpose and one aim point. Aladon RCM (RCM2 & RCM3) is not the beginning, middle, or end of the asset reliability journey, but rather it is the web, process, strategy that connects together all of the elements of the maintenance function. #strategy #leadership #management #reliabilitycenteredmaintenance


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